Order the HAHN+KOLB catalogues

Both catalogues are published annually, this time with a circulation of 65,000 copies. In both catalogues you will find a total of over 60,000 items on more than 3,000 pages.

The Tools catalogue contains all tools, from profiling cutters through to screwdrivers.

In the Factory Equipment+Tools catalogue all factory equipment and machines are represented from the workbench to transport and lifting equipment through to band saws.

In addition to the proven products, we are also introducing numerous innovations again this year.

The HAHN+KOLB 2016/2017 catalogue

Tools catalogue 2016

> Machining
> Clamping
> Measuring and test equipment
> General tools
> Sanding
> Chemicals
> Electric tools

Factory equipment + machines catalogue 2016

> Cabinets
> Workbenches
> Installation
> Workstation
> Environment
> Storage
> Transport
> Lifting equipment
> Machines

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