We take on your process optimisation

We optimise your production line in accordance with the current standards of lean management and its methods (5-S, JIT, OPF methods). We are the only supplier to offer the whole service from a single source across Germany – starting with consulting through to the product itself.

Process optimisation is offered by many – HAHN+KOLB offers more:

  • experts trained and experienced in lean management
  • Analysis of your processes and practical suggestions for solutions
  • Visualisation: 3D plans of your operation
  • Delivery and assembly: complete, ready-to-go solution or ready-to-install kit


Process optimisation with HK-CONCEPT

Process optimisation with HK-Concept


Aluminium profile systems

Individual workbenches or racks, whole workstations or production lines and whole production and logistics systems can be mounted with our aluminium profile system. In order to optimise your processes according to state-of-the-art methods, we recommend Kanban and live storage racks, storage and transport racks, lightweight roller conveyors and material provision racks.


Aluminium profile system: advantages and special features

Our patented pipe plug system consists of just three basic components, the profile tube and two connectors. This is a very special feature, as comparable products consist of up to ten times more components and make the structure unnecessarily complicated.


The advantages of aluminium profile system:

  • shorter installation times and lower installation costs
  • easy handling and quick to apply
  • low cost of ownership and a profitable investment

A further advantage: HK CONCEPT is flexible, because you can modify the individual components at any time as required. This is confirmed by the high stability of the product, which remains constant even after several modifications. The profiles have a load capacity of between 80 and 200 kilograms, depending on the profile length. The 90° connectors have a retention force of 120 to 150 kilograms – depending on the type of mounting.


Process optimisation: the aluminium profile system in detail

The profiles

The profiles

The profiles are made of anodised aluminium, which is why they are particularly light and at the same time stable. The diameter of the profiles is 35 millimetres. They are also equipped with four grooves, which enable a versatile application.

The 90° connectors

The 90° connectors

The 90° connectors offer a stable and force-fit connection. The geometry of the design enables high force absorption of up to 150 kilograms.

Flexible connectors

Flexible connectors

The 0°-180° connectors ensure the high stability of the frame. As the name suggests, all angles from 0° to 180° are possible.

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